Herbloom Global
Herbloom Global
Empowering Creative Women to Thrive & Conquer

empowering creative women to thrive & conquer

Herbloom Global is a media enterprise dedicated to reimagining media, creative work spaces, and educational experiences for creative millennial women.



media reimagined 

HG brands infuse art, style, and influential content to create unique digital and interactive experiences for millennial creative women in pursuit of self-discovery, liberation and healing.

Our digital brands are produced with transparency and womanhood in mind. We take pride in giving our community the opportunity to visualize themselves, mothers, sisters, and friends as they explore the content of our brands.

artwork by anna kozdon

artwork by anna kozdon

our mission

Herbloom Global mission is to crush concrete ceilings and leap over hurdles limiting unheard stories and experiences of women around the globe.

Our first plan of action is to provide digital spaces and unique programs where women can share their truths and passions freely and thrive in entrepreneurship and professional settings.

brands, content, programs, and events

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hg collective 

The HG Collective women are tastemakers and disruptors lending their voice and niche expertise to shift conversations and help diversify representation of Black women in media, creative work spaces, and educational experiences.